Ishant Sharma is not having the best day

You could give up six fours, and still be a six short.

One six shy of six sixes.

Six fives, which isn't even remotely possible but still fun to imagine.

Everyone it seems is having fun with the math, and aftermath, of the 30-run over that James Faulkner produced in the ODI against India yesterday. Except, of course, the man who bowled it.

Ishant Sharma, even into this morning, was trending across Twitter, and not in an especially flattering way.

The jokes ran the gamut, from clever to bitter to downright cruel.

— Tejan Shrivastava (@BeingTeJan) <a href="">October 20, 2013</a>

Oh, yes, also, #IshantSharmaJokes is a popular hashtag now.

The nightmare over – which went four-six-six-two-six-six by the way – if you can bear to watch it, can be seen in full in the video below.