Tiger Woods makes 'awesome' return 10 months after terrible car crash - in pictures

American superstar plays alongside son Charlie in PNC Championship in Florida

Tiger Woods made his golfing comeback when he was able to tee it up with son Charlie for the pro-am ahead of the PNC Championship in Orlando.

Just 10 months after the February car accident that nearly cost him his leg, Woods used a cart to get around the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club while relishing the opportunity to be back on the course with his son.

"It was an awesome day," Woods said. "It was just awesome to be back out here playing and being out there with my son, and we just had an absolute blast."

Woods was cautious with how much pressure he put on the leg and did not play much on the back nine as part of his plan to "save" himself for the 36-hole event over the weekend.

He admitted his swing is lacking its vintage power and speed, but said he's confident they will steadily improve with time.

"I'm just starting to get back into trying to play again," said Woods, who turns 46 on December 30. "I don't quite have the endurance that I would like to have. But just to be able to hit some shots, I've still got the hands, I've still the feel.

“Unfortunately sometimes the feel doesn’t really match up with the speed or the shot that I’m seeing. The ball is not quite flying as far as I’d like or I’m used to.

Tiger Woods crash - in pictures

“(My swing is) just not as powerful. I just don’t have the speed. I can’t generate the speed (I’m) used to, and you know, the body is not what it used to be.

“Obviously it’s been a little banged up this year, and slowly but surely I’ll get to where the speed will start coming back up, and I can start hitting the shots that I know that I see that just aren’t quite coming off.”

Woods said there have been "no days off" in his rehab following three months in bed after surgery to repair multiple fractures in his leg.

However, his competitive future remains very much in doubt as he stressed there's a massive difference between driving a cart from shot to shot in a pro-am and being able to compete on the PGA Tour.

"This is different," he said. "I can hit around here, drop a ball here, hit a few wedges do, that. But to go out there and have 220 yards and know that you have to hit a 3- or 4-iron and then hit certain shots and one stroke determines whether you win or lose, that's a totally different mindset than what we have out here this week.

"I'm not there yet."

Woods said he will never petition to use a cart in a PGA Tour event. So part of any future plans to return to the tour will also include being able to walk 18 holes over four consecutive days.

His' focus is on enjoying the weekend with 12-year-old Charlie, and what 2022 will bring remains uncertain.

"It's going to be a while," he said. "I couldn't walk this golf course even right now, and it's flat. I don't have the endurance. My leg is not quite right yet and it's going to take time.

"I'm a long way away from playing tournament golf."

Updated: December 18th 2021, 5:58 AM