Ranked: Pakistan's ODI World Cup jerseys from 1992 to 2023

A look at all the colour kits Pakistan have worn at the 50-over tournament

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Pakistan recently unveiled their jersey for the ODI World Cup in India next month. The striking design of the kit was well received by fans, who now have another reason to feel good about their team – Pakistan are the top-ranked ODI side in the world and one of the favourites to win the 50-over showpiece event.

But where does the 2023 Pakistan kit rank compared to previous ODI World Cup jerseys? Here we have ranked every Pakistan ODI World Cup jersey, starting from 1992, when coloured clothing was first introduced. Rankings in descending order, starting with the best:

1992 World Cup

It’s the best simply because Pakistan enjoyed their greatest cricketing moment in it. Imran Khan brought together a bunch of spirited young cricketers to script the greatest underdog story the game has seen. The world witnessed the rise of future greats Wasim Akram and Inzamam-ul-Haq. And while Pakistan produced more talented squads in the next decades, none quite captured the magic of 1992.

1999 World Cup

Arguably the most talented team the subcontinent has ever produced. Most members of that team would walk into the XI of any team across history. And their striking jersey made them stand out even more. The star of Pakistan’s national flag splashed prominently across the side of the bright neon green jersey – those were the colours of that World Cup – gave it a distinct look.

2023 World Cup

The perfect blend of green and the unmistakable star. This year, Pakistan have arguably the most settled squad – with all bases covered – among all teams. Babar Azam’s side have a very good chance of lifting the World Cup trophy in Ahmedabad and they will have a great jersey to go with it.

2011 World Cup

Another kit that perfectly embodied the national theme – dark green jersey with the crescent and star from the flag displayed across the torso. Aesthetically pleasing despite the many design elements.

1996 World Cup

A really cool looking kit. Hardly anything wrong with it. Just that the shade used was a bit too close to that of South Africa. All kits in that World Cup had a colour patch running through the middle of the jersey – the best design feature seen so far.

2019 World Cup

The pattern in the middle put life into what is otherwise a plain kit. A bit minimalistic, but very classy. The team, however, were far from serene as they oscillated from poor to excellent, missing out on a semi-final place by fractions on net run rate.

2003 World Cup

A pretty neat kit with distinct design on the shoulders. A few more elements on the front would have made it memorable.

2015 World Cup

The shade was fine, albeit not the one you normally associate with Pakistan of the 2000s, but there was no distinct design that made you link it to the team.

2007 World Cup

The most forgettable Pakistan World Cup kit. Not only did it resemble South Africa’s jerseys around that time, the team also fared poorly. They got knocked out in the first round and then tragically lost coach Bob Woolmer during the World Cup.

Updated: September 07, 2023, 6:38 AM