Majid Jafar on global energy crisis - Business Extra

Crescent Group vice chairman says Middle East's role in energy transition will grow in next few decades

Majid Jafar, the vice-chairman of Crescent Group and chief executive of Crescent Petroleum, says a crisis is playing out “across the entire world and all forms of energy. And that's never happened before”.

He tells host Mustafa Alrawi that while short term issues such as Ukraine, Covid-19, stretched supply chains and China consuming more gas have made the situation worse, a failure to invest in energy supply has chiefly created the crisis.

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The energy transition and the impact on supply (0m 10s)

Climate change and moving forward with investment (10m 23s)

The evolution and significance of the oil and gas industry (15m 58s)

Iraq's outlook and advice for new graduates looking to be part of the industry (19m 13s)


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Updated: December 24, 2022, 5:39 AM