Deepak Chopra's factors for success - Business Extra

Global well-being expert discusses leadership, technology and how to handle the critics

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Deepak Chopra, founder of health company Chopra Global and the Chopra Foundation, is a doctor, entrepreneur and philanthropist with more than 30 years on the front lines of well-being.

He talks to host Mustafa Alrawi about how the metaverse can close the global health gap, what business leaders need to know to succeed today and how to handle the critics.

In this episode

Deepak Chopra on success (0m 11s)

What is the meaning of leadership? (6m 00s)

The effects of technology and money (10m 37s)

Ensuring future technologies are inclusive and accessible (16m 56s)


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Updated: November 22, 2022, 6:49 AM