Tech Mahindra's Manish Vyas on 5G - Business Extra

Why the mobile communications technology will shape the future

From making the metaverse happen to improving the sustainability of networks, 5G mobile communications technology underpins the critical infrastructure needed to deliver the applications and solutions of the future.

Manish Vyas, president of the communications, media and entertainment business, and chief executive of networks services at Indian IT services company Tech Mahindra, speaks to host Mustafa Alrawi about the role of 5G in our lives.

In this episode

The future of telecommunications and the vision for 5G (0m 09s)

The role of 5G in sustainability (8m 37s)

Will 5G help handle future crises better? (12m 49s)

Tech Mahindra's path towards sustainability (15m 09s)


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Updated: November 29, 2022, 8:34 AM