Zada Haj on future of Middle East food security: Business Extra

Chief executive of Dana is supporting women-led start ups in desert-tech and agri-tech across the region

The future of Middle East food security - Business Extra

The future of Middle East food security - Business Extra

A number of countries across the Gulf and Middle East and North Africa, including the UAE, are stepping up investments in companies and initiatives that develop local food supply chains.

Dana, which supports desert-tech and agri-tech start ups with at least one woman founder, has agreed a deal with Masdar City to set up an R&D beta facility in Abu Dhabi.

Chief Executive of Dana, Zada Haj, talks to co-hosts Kelsey Warner and Mustafa Alrawi about the importance of building up the sector amid growing concerns about food security in the Mena region amid climate change, conflict in Ukraine and Covid-disrupted supply chains.

In this episode

Dana's role in food security and women-led startups (0m 16s)

The birth of Dana and its mission in the region (7m 37s)

Adapting for the different markets of the Mena region (16m 19s)

Making investors look at the bigger picture (22m 12s)

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Updated: August 23, 2022, 7:01 AM