Social media users welcome the changes in structure of cabinet

Sarah Khamis rounds up the topics and stories making waves on social media this week

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid at the World Government Summit. WAM
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It’s been an emotional week, particularly for Emiratis who have expressed their joy and satisfaction at the changes to the federal Government announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, this week. Social-media users were ecstatic to learn about the increase in female representation in the Government.

The twitterati also threw their support behind the search for a little girl who went missing early this week in Abu Dhabi, by generating a hashtag that translates to “Looking for the girl of Nahel”.

The summit

Some of the most popular tweets on the World Government Summit came from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. People responded with enthusiasm when he tweeted the announcement of the new post of Minister of State for Happiness, which he said would “align and drive government policy to create social good and satisfaction”.

A photo shared by @DXBMediaOffice showing @HHShkMohd among the audience attending a session titled “Five things Arab governments should act on now”, was retweeted countless times.

In another tweet, the media office quoted Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, saying that World Expo 2020 will turn Dubai into a “city of tomorrow”.

Dr Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, noted that the summit in Dubai was a great initiative. The aim was to “produce new ideas enriched by the UAE Government experience”, he explained.

The @WorldGovSummit account quoted the US president, Barack Obama: “Our countries can learn from each other. Across this region and around the world, the #US will be your friend.”

@YasserHareb expressed his pride at the selection of young ministers and the appointment of Ministers of State for Happiness and Tolerance. He also underscored the priority that the country has attached to the Ministry for the Future and Education.

@Aisha_BinBishr commended the leadership for giving women eight ministerial posts. “It proves the huge trust of our leaders in the leadership abilities of Emirati women.”

A questionnaire was circulated on what it takes to make a happy nation. The responses varied, although most tweeted that education is the most important component of it.

Explaining the job of the Minister of State for Happiness, @DHMovement tweeted: “The new minister will align and drive Government policy to ensure social cohesion and satisfaction in Dubai.”

Missing girl

A little girl named Malak, a resident of Nahel in Abu Dhabi, went missing for 17 hours. During this time, the twitterati came together to support the search for the girl. She was later found and Abu Dhabi Police General Head Quarters informed everyone that the girl was fine and that she had been taken to the hospital to make sure that she was in good health.

Afra @Alfazza3yh shared a photo of the girl sitting on a chair commenting: “Thank God for the safe return of Malak to her family.”

Fatima @smile12_34, @3in2weah, @3in2weah and many others prayed for her safe return.

@AfraaAlHefiti became emotional when the girl was found: “I feel like crying. May God protect your loved ones from any harm, be careful and look after your children.”

@llsal6nll_ wrote: “Thanks to God and the people of Nahel for their support in the search of the little girl.”

Your next book

The year of reading initiative seems to have taken our love for literature to another level, with some pondering which books they would read.

Others wondered whether they could become authors.

Emirati writer @shahrazad_uae tweeted: “I haven’t selected the title yet, but it might be I Thought It Was Love”.

@nour_alradi wanted to write a book that would focus on love. The title? Please Fall in Love with Me. @AlexAndrAkhouri wanted to write My Story About Politicians.

@Hail__k_s_a’s book will be on nostalgia, while @iHIND888 wanted to write about miracles.

Meanwhile, @Sultan_bin_Md shared hopes that “the best is yet to come”.

Sarah Khamis is The National’s social media editor

On Twitter: @SarahKhamisUAE