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Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 23 January 2021

To step out or not to step out on New Year’s Eve: debate well argued

Prices of hotel rooms and suites in key areas of Dubai surge over New Year's Eve. AFP
Prices of hotel rooms and suites in key areas of Dubai surge over New Year's Eve. AFP

With reference to The Great Debate: Should you stay in or go out on New Year’s Eve? (December 19): hats off to the columnists who wrote their views – Nyree McFarlane and Janani Jayabal.

It was a joy to finally read both sides of this discussion without one of the journalists getting personal and making inappropriate comments to the opposing journalist.

Well done Nyree and Janani! You managed a well-balanced argument showing both sides of the coin while still being sensitive and inclusive to each other. Thank you. I really enjoyed it.

Caroline Jenns, Dubai

We need to rise above contests that champion looks over all else

In reference to Katy Gillett’s article There is an ugly truth about beauty pageants (December 21): I believe beauty pageants are a dreadful subjugation of women.

Maggie Hannan, Kusadasi

Parks and greenery will be welcome in the UAE capital

Regarding your National editorial New parklife will serve as the lungs of the UAE capital (December 19): this is great news. At long last!

Ann McGregor, Al Ain

The impeachment of Trump is only going to work in his favour

Regarding Arthur MacMillan’s report Trump impeachment: A day for the ages in a country at war with itself (December 19): in my opinion he’s the greatest president of the United States ever.

Alex Wesley, Abu Dhabi

The impeachment process started the day Trump won the presidential election. The Democrats have been abusing their democratic powers to get Trump out of office by all means necessary. They have failed so far and it looks like Trump will remain in office and defeat them in 2020.

Adebayo George-Lawal, London

Helicopters parked in basements are not a sight one sees everyday

This is in regard to Anam Rizvi’s report No fly zone: Mystery of helicopter found in Dubai hotel’s underground car park (December 20): hilarious! How did they fly it in and how will fly it out of there?

Tarek El Raey, Dubai

It must have been remote controlled to have landed in that spot.

Farah Butt, Dubai

It’s only in Dubai that you can find such an occurrence.

Emma Textilo, Dubai

You know you are rich if you have a chopper to park in the basement.

Syed Muhammad Usman, Dubai

Updated: December 21, 2019 07:28 PM

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