The Indian government should prioritise its people

Readers discuss Modi, water, sexism and Yemen

epa06786912 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks during an event marking World Environment Day in New Delhi, India, 05 June 2018. India is host for the 43rd edition of the World Environment Day for which the theme this year is 'Beat Plastic Pollution'.  EPA/STR
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I am neither a political expert nor an economist but I have formulated my own impressions of democracy. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was given a big mandate in 2014 but his BJP party has since lost a string of by-elections and its support has decreased. Yet overall Mr Modi has created a good name for India abroad. India’s unemployment problem was there before, while he has tackled the informal economy to an extent.

India is a vast country, comprising many states, religions, languages and parties. I am sure the BJP will take a moment to ponder the recent defeats and take steps to restore its majority in 2019. It is up to us, the voters, to send the best administrator into office next year. Whoever comes into power should work in the interest of the people by fostering development, eradicating illiteracy, caring for the impoverished and ensuring women and children are safe from abuse. As an Indian myself, these are my wishes for next year’s elections and I hope the BJP will deliver them.

K Ragavan, Denver

Iraq should resist outside influence in water dispute

In reference to your article Turkey dam sparks renewed water shortage panic in Iraq (June 4), the water dispute between Iraq and Turkey must be resolved bilaterally. Third party interference must be avoided as it could stall that process. Outside powers have proven that interest in the welfare of Iraq is far outweighed by a desire to create Iraqi dependency in business and trade.

Name withheld by request

Sexist comments have no place in modern society

In reference to your article Qatar Airways chief executive says a woman is incapable of handling his job (June 6), I didn't know Qatar Airways was in the business of time travel. Its CEO has clearly escaped from the Dark Ages.

Marija Maria, Dubai

It’s time for a peaceful resolution in Yemen

I write in reference to your article Iran-backed Houthis in talks with UN to surrender Hodeidah (June 5): hopefully the Houthis and other parties can sign a peace deal under United Nations supervision, as it will bring to an end the conflict in Yemen. Sectarian violence must come to an end if the country is to move forward.

Name withheld by request