More such remote lessons from 'the wild' will be good for pupils

Aspen Heights British School hosting the first remote class from The National Aquarium’s Flooded Forest Zone. Courtesy Aspen Heights British School

Our readers have their say on school field trips, scientists, John le Carre and travel choices

Regarding Anam Rizvi's story Lessons from the wild: UAE teachers to host remote classes from The National Aquarium (December 13): this is a good step. More places need to do this. We are missing all the fun field trips we can no longer take our students on... the Emirates Zoo, Heritage Village, the Grand Mosque, a farm and so many more places.

Katie Kamdem, Abu Dhabi

Spoilt for one more choice when it comes to travel

With reference to Gillian Duncan's report Coronavirus: Could people who refuse to be vaccinated be prevented from travelling? (December 15): this will be another choice to make – to travel or not to travel. Because there would be several groups unsuitable for vaccinations, those with existing allergies or those who have had allergic reaction to other vaccines in the past or some similar conditions. It will be another way this virus will have changed our lives.

Monika Arora Agarwal, Dubai

Scientists ought to be people of the year

With reference to the report Joe Biden and Kamala Harris named Time 'Person of the Year' (December 11): in my view, the people of the year 2020 should definitely be the scientists and healthcare workers around the world. Usually, vaccines take years or decades to discover and refine. In the case of Covid-19, scientists have generated options within nine months. This is a giant leap for mankind. The world had stopped. Now, it could work again. Hopefully, some of the vaccines will deliver. The scientists deserve our applause.

The doctors, nurses and ward staff risked their lives and those of their families for the sake of patients. The least they deserve is a standing ovation.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

John le Carre leaves a rich legacy for readers

Regarding the editorial John le Carre shone light on murky worlds (December 15): this was an enlightening read. The demise of 89-year-old David Cornwell is a great loss to the literary world. Fans of spy fiction will no doubt find themselves returning to his novels such as Absolute FriendsThe Spy Who Came in From the Cold, A Most Wanted Man and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy . The news of his death might even have created new readers of his work.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India