And the bride wore...her pride and heart on her sleeve

Readers have their say on the French Spider-Man, unorthodox weddings and Colombian elections

Emirati anchors, Mashael Al Shehhi and her husband, Ahmad Khamis.

The couple were summoned by Fujairah Police earlier this month, after a video of their wedding celebration circulated and the public complained stating that the video "shows behaviour contrary to the customs and traditions of the UAE".

(Photo by Reem Mohammed/The National)

Reporter: Shareena Al Nowais
Section: NA

In reference to your article Emirati couple who caused a storm with unorthodox engagement party tell their story (May 24), I believe their genuine happiness is what upsets people. I am in tears reading their story and finding out about her father's views on the wedding (a father who really cares about his daughter) makes me have faith and hope they will be very happy together. Wishing them a long and beautiful life together, filled with laughter and joy.

Camila Diforena, Brazil

Having attended many boring weddings, where the bride and groom sit like statues on the stage while everyone stares at them, I can safely say that I would rather attend Ahmed and Mashael’s wedding any day. Her father should be applauded for the way in which he gave his precious daughter away in marriage.

Ahmed, I pray that you will finally have the mother, father and family you longed for.

Finally, congratulations to both of you. May you have a life of faith, love and happiness and may your home always be filled with laughter, kids and family.

Maja Umm Hamad, Dubai

Why peace with Farc is so necessary in Colombia today

In reference to your brilliant editorial Next Colombian president should not take fragile peace for granted (May 28), it will indeed be a tragedy if the agreement between the government and Farc rebels falls apart or is jettisoned. Then Colombia's countryside could return to mayhem again. It is a beautiful country and Bogota is a very attractive and historic city. But five decades of violence have smothered growth.

I fully endorse your view that the Farc agreement should hold so Colombians can progress. Your claim that “peace agreements are never perfect, but they are invaluable. Successive leaders should be wary of ditching hard-fought peace accords” is wise. I am sure it would have been endorsed unequivocally by Simon Bolivar, who fought for the sovereignty of Andean countries, such as Colombia and Venezuela, from Spanish rule about 200 years ago.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

France’s enlightened ideas on show with ‘Spider-Man’

I write in reference to your article France's 'Spider-Man' granted citizenship after heroic balcony rescue (May 29): the recent heroic deed by a Malian migrant who saved a four-year-old child appears to have resonated in the upper echelons of French politics. The hero in question, Mamoudou Gassama, was honoured by French President Emmanuel Macron and will become a French citizen;  a great accolade for the 22-year-old who arrived in France just months ago. Mr Macron is not the first French leader to do this. France is known for its revolutionary ideas. Now we know why. Kudos to Mr Gassama and the French president.

K Ragavan, Denver