The violence in Sudan must end

Our readers have their say on the Sudan crisis, a Pakistani architect, heirlooms and Harry Belafonte

Saudi Navy sailors assist an elderly woman who has been evacuated from Sudan to disembark off a ferry passenger ship after arrival at King Faisal navy base in Jeddah on April 26. AFP
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This is in reference to Nada AlTaher's article Gunfire heard in Khartoum despite start of US-brokered Sudan ceasefire (April 25): It has been very distressing this past fortnight to read about the violence and rising death toll in Khartoum. Sudan has been struggling for decades despite its richness of resources. This current crisis needs to end. More than 420 people have been killed in the fighting between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary group.

Sudan needs to return to normality and it needs a good administrator to come to power to end the violence. The nation needs to take stock, heal wounds and focus on rebuilding. It was some relief to learn that my country India has taken the initiative to evacuate its citizens, as other nations have done too. The International community must step in to end the crisis and help the ceasefire and subsequent peace prevail.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Deserved recognition for a Pakistani architect and humanitarian

With reference to Soraya Ebrahimi's report Pakistan’s first female architect given King Charles's Royal Gold Medal (April 27): Many congratulations to professor Lari. She's a revolutionary in our country and we're proud of her. She has been at the helm of creating sustainable building designs that can withstand some of the worst effects of climate disasters and for creating housing that caters to people with limited incomes. We are very proud of her achievements in architecture but also for being a social warrior.

Abdul Qadir Syed, Lahore, Pakistan

A religious heirloom greatly prized

With regard to the report The big history of Albania's tiny Quran - in pictures (April 26): These pictures tell a beautiful story. I have a tiny Quran similar to this that has been passed down from generations. It must be more than 150 years old and is still in extremely good condition. The text is still legible.

Yousuf Ismail, Toronto, Canada

Harry Belafonte lived a talented and meaningful life

In reference to the report Harry Belafonte, pioneering performer and activist, dies at 96 (April 26): He was magical, a great singer and campaigner. I have fond memories of listening to his records and I still play his music. My thoughts are with his family.

Linda Walker, Elgin, Scotland

One of the very best. Thank you, Mr Belafonte. Your music has meant a lot to me and my family over the decades. Rest well.

Sylvannie Abrahams, London

Published: April 28, 2023, 3:00 AM