Turkey-Syria earthquake: solidarity and prayers

Our readers have their say on the tragedy still unfolding

Mesut Hancer holds the hand of his 15-year-old daughter Irmak, who died in the earthquake in Kahramanmaras, close to the quake's epicentre, the day after a 7. 8-magnitude earthquake struck the country's southeast, on February 7. AFP
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With reference to your Turkey and Syria earthquake coverage: live updates (February 9): my heart is so heavy seeing the image of the father holding his dead daughter's hand.

Abad Pino Yan, Abu Dhabi

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Turkey and Syria as they try to come to terms with this terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones or who are waiting on news of family members who are missing. The scenes of the aftermath of the earthquake are just heartbreaking and I want to send a message of solidarity and support to all those involved in the rescue operations.

Dr Mohd Wasim Ghori, Ahmedabad, India

I remember the 7.7 magnitude Luzon earthquake on July 16, 1990 that hit us. I remember the misery. I hope Syria and Turkey can stay strong through this.

Osler Paul Carino, Baguio City, Philippines

Deepest condolences.

Arthur Robert Joseph, Sarawak, Malaysia

Desperately sad for this father and all who have suffered and are suffering from this devastating catastrophe. My heartfelt condolences.

Rosanna Connolly, London, UK

Prayers from Nepal to the people affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. May they have the strength and courage to overcome these difficult days. To all those helping hands: bravo and a salute.

Ananda Chhetri, Narayanghat, Nepal

Heartbreaking. My prayers are with the people who have lost so much. I pray they find relief.

Tafadzwa Mbombi, Johannesburg, South Africa

What unimaginable pain. Thoughts and prayers to the victims.

Junior Brown, Dubai

It's tragic that the beautiful people of Syria continue to face such misfortune.

Muhammad Yahyaishaq, Kohat, Pakistan

God bless the men and women working to help the survivors.

Nilda Ferreira, Asuncion, Paraguay

Thank you for the video report by Nada Atallah in Osmaniyeh, Turkey. God bless the people in this crisis.

Licia Ceccarelli, Carmel, New York, US

Rest in peace, Ahmet Eyup Turkaslan, the Turkish goalkeeper, and all the departed souls. This whole scenario is so terrible.

Bilal Ashiq, Boca Raton, Florida, US

This is incredibly sad. I pray for strength for the affected families.

Olabisi Akanji, Dubai

That countries such as the UAE and India have sent support is laudable. The deadliest natural disaster in the Middle East is difficult to read about. Once the rescue efforts are completed, rebuilding from such devastation will be no ordinary task. The whole world must support Turkey and Syria and help the people through this massive tragedy.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Published: February 10, 2023, 3:00 AM