Praying for Afghanistan evacuations to go off safely

Our readers have their say on Afghanistan evacuations, disinfecting schools in the UAE before classes resume, Ain Dubai and one lucky cat

People evacuated from Afghanistan arrive at Melsbroek military airport in Belgium, on August 25.  Reuters

With reference to the report Afghanistan live: 'The sooner we can finish, the better', says Joe Biden (August 24): I pray for everyone to be evacuated at the earliest, with no harm done to them and their families. May god lead them out of Afghanistan safely.

Asun Haruo, Chuuk, Micronesia

Kabul and the consequences for India

With regard to Taniya Dutta's article India sees strategic threat in Afghanistan after Taliban victory (August 24): India has invested huge amounts of money in Afghanistan – more than $3 billion into development projects since the US-led coalition toppled the first Taliban government in 2001. Last week's turn of events will affect India in a big way, both in terms of investments as well as the evacuation of Afghans. However, India has completed the better part of evacuating Indians, as well as issuing visas for Afghans. But, as the article analysed well, the tricky situation is that India's rivals may take advantage of this opportunity and make deals with the Taliban. I am hopeful that India will handle this scenario diplomatically. It remains to be seen whether development will stay on track and if peace in the region will prevail.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Disinfecting schools is smart prep for reopening

With reference to Anam Rizvi's report UAE schools expect most pupils to return to class next week (August 24): I saw the video about the classrooms being disinfected and the deep cleaning being done. This is a very good initiative by the authorities before the children go back to school.

Mohammad Azam, Dubai

Another tourist draw for Dubai

With reference to Janice Rodriques's report Ain Dubai to open to the public on October 21 with tickets now available to book (Aug 24): it looks really beautiful. Would be nice to visit. Well done, Dubai.

Arzoo C, Islamabad, Pakistan

Lucky cat and the kindness of strangers

With regard to the report Dubai Ruler praises 'heroes' who caught cat falling 30ft from balcony (Aug 24): that's good presence of mind of the people who cushioned its fall with the bedsheet. My cat accidentally fell 20 years ago in a similar manner, hit its chin on the ground and hurt his pallet.

Linda Jean Evans, Perth, Australia

My cat died from falling off like this. Let's not assume cats can survive falls. The notion might get into the heads of young children who, while innocently playing, could actually risk a cat's life trying to test the theory. Glad this one was saved.

Muhammad Uzair, Ras Al Khaimah

Published: August 26th 2021, 3:15 AM