The UAE's lost cinema stories bring back memories

Our readers have their say on cinemas of the past, UAE flights resuming, Turkey's wildfires and the sculptures in Beirut

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Dec 22: View of the Al Nasr Cinema in Dubai. (Pawan Singh / The National) Story by Praveen *** Local Caption ***  PS07- ALNASR CINEMA.jpgPS07- ALNASR CINEMA.jpg

With reference to John Dennehy's article UAE then and now: the lost cinema of Dubai (August 4): this was a well-written and interesting piece. It brought back memories for me, of all my years spent in Dubai. There are not enough stand alone cinemas left in most big cities and as an avid movie-watcher, I feel this loss.

It's a good idea to celebrate lesser known aspects of the city and to remind people, and even educate the younger ones or the newer residents, of what the city used to be like. The history of UAE's cinemas was nicely elaborated. The black and white photographs were especially atmospheric.

Back when I used to work in the UAE, on many occasions I visited Al Nasr Cinema – now no longer functional. I remember those days fondly. I used to go to all these places. Sharjah Cinema, too, I used to visit often. Over the past few decades, there has been such a dramatic growth in the Emirates and now cinemas are mostly inside the malls. The rapid change is impressive but at the same time it makes me nostalgic for the old days.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Looking forward to flights operating

With regard to Rory Reynolds' report When will UAE flights resume? Emirates and Etihad on standby to return stranded residents (August 4): this gave me hope and something to look forward to. I am waiting for flights to return to their schedule soon. Both my sons are engineers in the UAE and I am alone here. I can't wait to see my children.

Tamkeen Babar Butt, Lahore, Pakistan

I am not from any of the countries, but I am really happy for the people who will now be reunited with their families. Good luck to all of them and a warm welcome home.

Dinara Aghayeva, Baku, Azerbaijan

Turkey's tragic wildfires

With reference to the report Turkey battles wildfires for sixth day (August 3): this is awful to watch. I really hope that the people are safe and the worst of the fires have been contained.

Joan Anura, Dubai

Such a shame and these people will have lost everything. I met some nice people in what I remember was a beautiful country.

Richard Ross, Ayrshire, Scotland

Beirut: no substitute for justice

In reference to Lemma Shehadi's piece 'The Gesture': new Beirut sculpture to honour victims of port explosion (July 29): monuments are a good gesture but they are not enough. Nothing but justice and accountability for the victims and their families will do. It’s a heartbreaking situation. Only justice can come close to honouring the victims of the port explosion.

Saima Anwar, Karachi, Pakistan

Published: August 5th 2021, 3:55 AM