Misfired shot at fame

The latest viral video offers a lesson in how not to get the right kind of attention.

The latest video to go viral on the internet is no Gangnam Style. It shows the president of Bulgaria's ethnic Turkish party, the Movement for Rights and Freedom, Ahmed Dogan, giving a speech. Suddenly, a man appears on the stage and points a gun at Mr Dogan's head. As it turned out, the weapon was a gas pistol, which is not usually considered to be a weapon capable of delivering a fatal shot. However, the reaction was very real.

The video shows the assailant, Oktay Enimehmedov, being wrestled to the floor as the audience decided to join in the melee.

While a real assassination attempt is no joking matter, there was something surreal, even theatrical, about this attack, putting it on a par with the bizarre fist fights that have erupted in parliaments ranging from Kuwait to South Korea.

While it's difficult to know his motivations, the obviously troubled faux assassin may have wanted some of the fame his brother Metin received in 2007 when he won the Bulgarian TV talent contest Dance with Me.

Instead, he faces at least five years in prison for "hooliganism", underscoring the point that if you want your voice to be heard, there are better ways to do it than waving a gun at a politician.