Two Palestinians killed and Israeli policeman stabbed

The incidents are the latest in string of violent episodes in recent weeks

Two Palestinians, one a teenager, were killed in separate incidents in the occupied West Bank on Sunday.

The incidents took place hours after police apprehended two Palestinian men suspected of killing three Israelis last week.

Israeli troops shot a Palestinian man as he tried to cross Israel’s separation barrier near a military checkpoint in the West Bank city of Tulkarem, AP reported.

The man was taken away to receive medical treatment, according to the Israeli military, with the Palestinian Health Ministry confirming his death.

An Israeli civilian also shot a Palestinian teenager armed with a knife who had entered a West Bank settlement south of Jerusalem, the Israeli military said.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said Mutassim Atallah, 17, was killed in the Tekoa settlement. A search is under way for a second Palestinian assailant, the army said.

In a separate incident, police said they shot a Palestinian who stabbed and wounded a police officer outside Jerusalem’s Old City.

Paramedics said the officer was taken to hospital in moderate condition. The attacker’s condition was not immediately clear.

Sunday’s incidents are the latest in string of violent episodes in recent weeks, including deadly attacks inside Israel, a military crackdown in the West Bank and clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians at a Jerusalem site sacred to both Muslims and Jews.

The conflict continues to play out against the backdrop of Israel’s occupation, now in its 55th year, of the West Bank and other lands Palestinians want in their bid to establish a separate state.

Serious peace talks collapsed more than a decade ago. Since then, Israel’s settlement expansion on occupied lands has continued unabated.

Israel said last week that it was set to advance plans for the construction of 4,000 settler homes in the West Bank. If approved, it would be the biggest advancement of settlement plans since the Biden administration took office.

Sunday began with Israeli police capturing two Palestinians who killed three people in a stabbing attack last week, sparking a massive manhunt and keeping the country on edge.

The two attackers went on a stabbing rampage in the ultra-Orthodox city of Elad on Thursday, Israel’s independence day, killing three and wounding at least four others before escaping.

Updated: May 09, 2022, 7:39 AM