Using glasses chains on face masks: the ultimate style hack for summer 2020

An easy and chic, way to safely store your masks when not in use

Put your mask on. Take your mask off. Put it on, take it off again ... it's 2020, you get the idea.

Sunglasses and face masks are both required wearing this summer, and popping in and out of public spaces means having to repeatedly put them on and take them off again.

It's not exactly difficult with either of them, but while sunglasses can be safely stored in a special case, the issue of where to store the face mask remains. Put it in your pocket? Throw it into your bag? Keep it around your neck? None are really satisfactory – plus, you should be aiming to keep your face mask as sanitised as possible. It seems some different thinking is required to solve this very modern problem.

And since glasses chains have been quietly making a reappearance over the past few months, why not use one for your face mask?

By adding a chain, masks can be safely hung around your neck when they are not needed, which means they are less likely to get dirty at the bottom of your handbag, or lost when you mindlessly put them down ... all while making a summery fashion statement.

Click though the gallery above to see our chosen favourites.

Updated: August 3, 2020 03:51 PM


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