Nas Daily is opening an office in Dubai and looking for 'extraordinary people' to join

The travel influencer has announced he is seeking a videomaker and scriptwriter to join his team

Influencer Nas Daily has announced he is opening an office in Dubai and is looking for "extraordinary people to join us." The post doesn't offer much information except that there will be many positions available but with a specific focus on two jobs at the moment: videomaker and scriptwriter.

“If we like the application, we’ll invite you to a Hackathon in Dubai in November. I’m excited to meet you,” says the post.

Nas Daily is 28-year-old Nuseir Yassin. He was born in Arraba, Israel, to Muslim parents.

Back in October, he made headlines after accusing Al Jazeera's Arabic channel of spreading false news about him.

However, Nas Daily is most known for his quick travel explainers on Instagram and Facebook. He made a visit to Dubai back in July as the emirate opened up to travellers.

"It is one of the first countries in the world to open for tourism safely," he said in a three-minute video, which has been posted to his social media channels. He then took viewers through the step-by-step process of travelling to Dubai.

In the video, he and girlfriend Alyne Tamir can be seen ticking off a number of Dubai tourist must-do activities, including Flyboarding and visiting Ski Dubai, The Green Planet and The Dubai Fountain. He also explores the natural hot spots of the Dubai desert and Hatta Dam.

"Dubai is proof that it's possible to travel again, we just need to put tourism second and safety first," he concludes.

About 24 hours before he posted a video sharing the highlights from his time in Dubai, Yassin shared a photo of himself and Tamir both wearing traditional Emirati clothing.

"I travelled the world exploring other people’s cultures. I think it’s time to explore mine," he wrote. "Hello from the United Arab Emirates."

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