Sporty and a steal: MG GT storms into the Middle East

The manufacturer has unveiled a zippy little sedan that, like its mechanical siblings, will set you back rather less than you might expect

MG continues its assault on the budget end of the car market with the addition of a new sedan, which the manufacturer has rather confidently named the GT.

It’s not the first car in history to be referred to by that moniker, but it’s a name that hasn’t traditionally been applied to anything that doesn’t fairly rip along with zest and gusto. MG describes the vehicle as a “rebellious sports sedan”, so it isn’t underselling the capabilities of the new arrival.

It is also, the carmaker says, inspired by the classic MGB sports car, which should get a few punters who are into their classic motoring salivating a little.

Back to the price though – a base model MG GT starts at $13,310, while a turbocharged option comes in at $15,440.

The quickest glance online will reveal a whole host of cars with similar specifications which have a price tag with at least 50 per cent added onto it. And that could easily double or treble if we’re talking sedans produced by well-established manufacturers whose models dip their toes into what might be described as the luxury end of the spectrum.

So, what do you get for your money with MG?

Well, the MG GT is powered by a 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine, which will get the vehicle to 100 kilometres per hour in eight seconds.

The new MG GT is not pricey

Its most notable external feature is what MG refers to as a “digital flaming grille”, while the rear features a slightly upturned ducktail, which adds to an already generally sporty look.

An end-to-end chrome line runs along the shoulder of the car, and customers can choose flashy tomahawk alloy wheels, complete with Michelin tyres, as an add-on.

Inside, there are contrasting red or black upholstery options, and you get a 10-inch touchscreen included as standard. The MG GT also comes with a range of driver aids, including stability control, rear reversing radar, and a 360º monitoring system.

The car is in MG showrooms now.

Updated: October 25th 2021, 1:55 PM