5 Minutes with Chef Batoul Jarmourne

Chef El Batoul Jarmourne of Medley at the Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre. Courtesy of Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre
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It’s always challenging to find a taste of home in a busy hotel buffet. This is what Batoul Jarmourne achieved with her dishes in Medley, at the Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre. So popular became her weekly Moroccan buffet nights and annual iftars that she was dubbed simply as Chef Mama. The diminutive force of nature talks to us about her inspirations and how cooking from the heart is her driving force in the kitchen.

My earliest memory in the kitchen was when I was a kid, all I remember was watching my mother cooking. The way she was choosing her vegetables and the other ingredients to be fresh, and the love she was putting in every meal. I saw myself in that and I immediately fell in love with cooking as well. At the age of 8, while my parents were away, I wanted to give them a present. So I decided to cook for them. I made a fish with lemon and spices and I had it ready by the time they came back. My parents were so proud of me and they recognised my talent and my passion so from this day onwards, they pushed me towards my dream.

The best cooking advice I received is to cook from you heart. When you put love to everything you do (and that goes outside the kitchen as well), even the simplest taste as bread and butter taste thousand times better. Therefore I cook for our hotel guests like I cook for my husband and my kids — with passion and love.

If I had to choose a last meal it would be Moroccan lamb tagine. I can eat it every day.

I feel the happiest when I cook and I create my home cooking dishes for our guests and I go outside and I see the smiley faces enjoying every bite. When people come to me thanking me for the amazing experience they had and how much they loved my food — right then it is my most rewarding moment that puts me on top of the world.

The culinary scene in the UAE is like a multicultural festival where you can find almost everything. Not many people cook in Dubai, and they rather go out to eat. That makes a high competitive market where all different kind of cuisine is part of. Therefore, every little detail matters and the customers have become very well experienced to what is good and they demand for it.

Iftar at Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre is held at Medley, from 6.50pm to 9.30pm. Prices are Dh115 each if you book before June 13, after which it is Dh175. Free for children under the age of 6 For details go to www.pullmanhotels.com