Mrs UK World flies to Dubai after US visa refusal forces her to miss pageant final

The Syria-born beauty queen had her American visa denied, meaning she is unable to make the competition in Las Vegas

Mrs World contestant Leen Clive, born in Syria, has been denied entry to US ahead of pageant. Photo: Leen Clive/Instagram

Mrs UK World is “taking a break” with a holiday in Dubai a week after revealing that her US visa had been denied, meaning she is unable to make it to the Mrs World pageant.

Leen Clive, 29, was due to represent the UK in Saturday’s Mrs World final in Las Vegas, but was denied entry to the US. She believes it is because she was born in Syria.

Despite her best efforts, as well as the help of her local MP, it looks as though Clive was unable to have the decision overturned.

I came to my favourite city Dubai for a few days with my family for a change
Leen Clive, Mrs UK World

The beauty queen has instead used the time to pay a visit to her “favourite city”, Dubai, where she will be cheering on her fellow contestants from afar.

Sharing an update on Instagram, Clive said in Arabic: “I'd like to update everyone who asked about the final of Mrs World that started on Sunday.

“I wish good luck to all my sister queens. You are all looking amazing and I love you so much. Mrs World have been sending me videos and photos. They are making me feel included in the competition.

“I have decided to take a break. I came to my favourite city Dubai for a few days with my family for a change. Hopefully when I fly back to the UK, it will be a new year and a new start with more positive vibes.”

Clive filmed the video from Dubai’s 2D Forever Rose cafe, where she met with designer Houida Baridi, who designed a number of her dresses for the competition.

Pictures on Baridi's Instagram account show Clive dressed in a mint and gold tiered, strapless floor-length gown, as well as a pink embellished dress with a ruffled taffeta skirt.

Clive’s plight made headlines last week after she revealed that her UK-born husband and six-month-old’s visas for the US had been granted, but hers had not, the only difference being she was born in Damascus.

"I applied with a British passport. I am representing Britain and I'm a British citizen, so I had no idea I'd be banned from the US," Clive told the BBC.

The US government identifies Syria, on its website, as a country that "repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism", and therefore requires all visa applicants from there to be interviewed by a consular officer.

"My husband and my baby girl had their visas granted, but mine was refused – and the only difference is my place of birth," Clive said.

Clive, who was crowned Mrs UK World in August 2020, has lived in the UK for several years and works for the NHS as a trainee doctor.

US officials said of the situation: "Visa records are confidential under US law; therefore, we cannot discuss the details of individual visa cases."

The final of the Mrs World competition will now go ahead with 57 contestants, including the first entrant from the UAE, Debanjali Kamstra.

Updated: January 12th 2022, 2:32 PM