Abu Dhabi’s Nation Towers creates a limited-time World of Illusions

Visitors will be able to step inside and take some photos against a '3D wonderland'

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Abu Dhabi residents looking for some new activities to entertain the whole family over the holiday season, can head over to Nation Towers Mall.

The shopping and entertainment venue has launched a limited-time World of Illusions interactive exhibit that is free to attend within the mall until January 31.

Taking pride of place within the World of Illusions is a dimly-lit mirror room, with thousands of LED lights of varying sizes and hues. With giant mirrors covering the walls, ceiling and floor, the room has been designed to give visitors a feeling as though they are walking through endless galaxies.

Even the exterior of the room has the galaxy visible through a design that looks like a broken section of a wall, to make spectators feel like they are peering into a vast and bottomless universe.

Apart from the mirror room, numerous exhibits have been placed throughout the shopping mall, as part of the World of Illusions.

These include three giant illusions for photo opportunities: that of a head on a table; a giant fiberglass coffee tumbling down full-speed; and a 3D art hand holding up visitors.

Visitors will also be able to try a video booth that captures five to 10-second videos with some quirky backgrounds (think a life-sized dragon, a giant snake that seems to be shattering a wall or snakes on ladders). Another exhibit features several optical animals for children to interact with, such as a cartoon rendition of a panda and a friendly robot dog.

Entry to World of Illusions is free and will be open to visitors from 8am to 10pm until January 31

Updated: December 23, 2021, 8:04 AM