Saudi judge arrested for taking a bribe

Authorities say Ibrahim Al Juhani was caught receiving SR500,000 to find in a citizen's favour in Madinah

The General Court in Riyadh. AFP
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Saudi Arabia has announced the arrest of a judge for taking a bribe.

Judge Ibrahim Al Juhani was caught taking SR500,000 to find in favour of a citizen in a case in Madinah, the kingdom's Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) said.

Authorities said the judge was “promised a total sum of SR4 million” from the citizen to close a pending case.

Work is under way to complete the legal procedures against the judge in accordance with the regulations.

The kingdom’s anti-corruption body said it would take action against anyone exploiting their position with actions that harm “public interest”.

Nazaha was established in 2011. The kingdom has since detained hundreds of top-ranking government officials and employees, including security officers, on charges of bribery and obstructing the law.

Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia jailed a former judge, who was also a Shura Council member, authorities said.

He was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison and fined 500,000 Saudi riyals for his involvement in a bribery case.

Updated: November 15, 2022, 8:01 AM