Kuwait's Emir hails 'fair and righteous' Sheikh Khalifa

The UAE President died on Friday, aged 73

Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Nawaf, right, with Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al Sabah. AP

Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Nawaf sent condolences to UAE leaders following the death on Friday of the President, Sheikh Khalifa, at the age of 73.

“The Arab and Islamic nations have lost one of their leaders. The great man who devoted his life to serving his country and people and defending Arab and Islamic causes,” Sheikh Nawaf said.

Kuwait’s Emir hailed Sheikh Khalifa’s “fair and righteous stances” towards his country during the period of the Iraqi occupation.

The President, Kuwait's ruler said, led the UAE “during a period of a comprehensive renaissance that placed it in the ranks of the developed countries”.

Kuwait declared an official 40-day period of mourning and ordered flags to be flown at half-staff, and the closure of all state entities for three days, starting from Friday.

Kuwait's crown prince and acting prime minister also sent their condolences to UAE leaders.

Updated: May 13, 2022, 2:56 PM