Do your research before you look for deals at Gitex

A reader says Gitex can confuse one who has not done enough research on products they intend to buy. Other letter topics: UK tax, holiday, Abu Dhabi restaurants, wrong billing

A reader says Gitex visitors should research the products they wish to buy well in advance. Razan Alzayani / The National
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I refer to the article Free BMW with each TV, and it's no steal (October 8).

I visited Gitex for the first time on Monday. But I could not buy anything. I was confused by the availability of so many products under one roof.

All major brands were offering equally attractive deals, which made it difficult for me to choose from. There were raffle coupons and freebies with almost all products.

It would be prudent to do research before going there, so that you know exactly which products to buy. Otherwise you will waste your money and time.

Even though I was unable to buy anything, I did spend some time looking. The new curved TVs by Samsung and LG were amazing. Now I know what to pick up when I pay a visit next time.

P Dominic, Dubai

Solve holiday issue for private sector

Su'ad Yousif's opinion column Private sector work is full of rewards, if not untold riches (October 7) expounds on the rewards from working in the private sector. But I notice that the writer is employed as a civil servant.

I also came across the news that many public-sector workers will enjoy up to nine days Eid holiday (Eid brings nine day’s of for UAE public sector workers, October 6). There is no mention of the private-sector entitlement.

Until holiday entitlements are equalised, there will be no motivation to take up jobs in the private sector that brings wealth and economic success to this country.

Susan Falconer, Abu Dhabi

UK tax myths you must know

I am writing in reference to Karen Bobker's question and answer column, What are the requirements to be considered a UK non-resident? (October 6).

Here are the most common UK tax myths: 1. If I claim an income tax refund, I will not be eligible for a pension. Wrong. If you have paid national insurance related to your pension, you will be able to receive a pension. Even if you claim tax back, you are still able to live and work in the UK, as it does not affect your eligibility for a pension. 2. Applying for a refund will affect my stay in the UK. Wrong. Applying for a tax refund will not in any way affect your stay in the UK. In some cases you may even be obliged to file a tax return. 3. I can’t apply for a refund until I leave the UK. Wrong. Applying for a tax refund as a non-resident is not related to your intention to leave or stay in the country. You can apply while you are in the UK or after you leave, it’s up to you. 4. I can claim all the tax I paid back when I leave the UK. It depends. If you have earned less than the tax free allowance then you can claim back all of your tax. If you have earned more than the allowance, you will be able to claim a portion back. The amount will depend on how much you have earned and how much you have paid in tax.

Peter Smith, Dubai

Good food can cost too much

I am writing about the article Top 10 new Abu Dhabi restaurants (October 7) in Arts&Life.

I ordered delivery from Wing Zone the other day. The food was quite good, but it’s overpriced. Ten wings cost me Dh35, and that doesn’t include fries or a drink.

Jil Schroeder, Abu Dhabi

The article didn’t mention the prices of items. I think St Regis would hardly be a “cheap” place to enjoy a meal.

Name withheld by request

Wrong bills bring much trouble

When you receive a wrong bill from a bank, credit card company, utility company or property management company, it becomes your responsibility to point out the discrepancy.

Sometimes you may have to run from pillar to post to prove the errors. And if your accounting system is as bad as mine, you would have to pay for services you did not get.

How far would you go, for example, when your bank or a service provider deducts Dh9.90 by mistake? You may just call the help centre.

I am writing this because I had a similar experience with my bank who deducted Dh123.50 twice, and then again with my credit card company, which wrongly charged me Dh220. Eventually they apologised and refunded.

I am fighting another battle with my phone service provider over wrong billing. I had to miss a day’s work and take the file for many years’ account to prove it.

And yesterday, my property management firm has asked me to pay my dues or face consequences. I am still looking for the receipts of payments.

Kanwar Hayat, Dubai