Apple's iPhone 15: Is it time you upgraded your device?

The smartphones come with some of the most notable features in years, which could convince Android users to make the switch

The top-end iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max now come with the long-rumoured periscope camera, giving them 5x optical zoom and less blur. Bloomberg
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Apple's yearly release of new iterations of its iPhones always begs the question, especially for its user base: Is it time for an upgrade?

The California-based company launched four devices – iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max – on Tuesday, which all come with arguably some of the most notable upgrades in years.

We look at some of the biggest reasons why you should make that upgrade – or make the jump from Android (or any other phone you might still be using now).

Lightest and toughest

This particularly holds true for the iPhone 15 Pro models: Apple is now using aerospace-grade titanium – similar to what is used on spacecraft – on their high-end models, which the company said will make the devices the lightest and toughest in the Pro line.

That, in addition to Apple's ceramic shield up front and “the toughest back glass in a smartphone”, is a welcome proposition. We need everything to protect the intricate technology within the device, right?

The company's iPhones are built tough but are not indestructible. Having this safety net will surely help – especially for those of us who are clumsy. And don't forget about the brushed finish on the titanium iPhones.

USB-C solves cable-hunting problems

How many times have you scrambled to find a Lightning cable to no avail? USB-C solves that.

Now that the iPhone 15 uses USB-C ports, one thing is clear: As the dominant connector of choice in modern devices, USB-C eliminates this pain.

This is also all so true when it comes to Apple's ecosystem. The company has been using USB-C on its iPads and Macs for several years now, so the switch makes sense, not to mention inevitable.

Apple's proprietary Lightning had a good run. But USB-C is faster, in terms of data transfer and charging speeds, and that aligns with Apple's reputation of being speedy. Think of its AirDrop transfer technology and, more accurately, Thunderbolt on Macs.

All told, USB-C means there will not be any need to carry around more than one cable.

Across-the-board features

Aside from making USB-C standard, the entire iPhone 15 line-up shares two key common features.

One is Dynamic Island, the shape-shifting digital space on top that shows alerts and statuses, and which replaced the notch in last year's iPhone 14 Pro models.

The second is a 48-megapixel main sensor on the dual-lens camera of the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, and the triple-lens camera on the Pro models.

To put it simply, no one is being left behind on the iPhone 15 – no matter which model you choose.

Finally, a periscope lens

The top-end iPhone 15 Pro Max now come with the long-rumoured periscope camera, giving it 5x optical zoom.

A periscope lens is used as a set-up that allows greater amounts of optical zoom. This uses the hardware to magnify an image in better quality without blurring, as opposed to digital zoom, which relies on software.

This is good news when you are in a tough spot and struggling to get a good angle. It also solves one of smartphone photography's biggest headaches.


While gaming has been on iPhones for a long time, Apple's serious push into the sector really started when it launched Apple Arcade in 2019, adding yet another component into its key services division.

Since then, Apple has added more building blocks into its gaming repertoire, and the latest one on the iPhone 15 is a major one, having teamed up with big gaming companies Capcom and Ubisoft to bring the likes of Resident Evil and Assassin's Creed to its flagship device.

These are graphics-heavy and, simply put, require a lot of power to run. Sure, there are already games of this level that are already on iPhones but the mere fact that they will be released on the iPhone 15 Pro signifies what kind of power the new devices have – and the confidence Apple has in them.


While it was reported that the Pro variants would come with a price increase, Apple decided to keep their prices in line with those of predecessors – and that is good news.

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus come in 128 gigabyte, 256GB and 512GB versions that cost Dh3,399, Dh3,799 and Dh4,649, respectively, for the former and Dh3,799, Dh4,199 and Dh5,049, respectively for the latter.

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Meanwhile, iPhone 15 Pro prices are Dh4,299 for the 128GB model, Dh4,699 for the 256GB model, Dh5,549 for the 512GB model and Dh6,399 for the one-terabyte model.

Things change with the iPhone 15 Pro Max: It no longer has a 128GB variant, so it now starts at Dh5,099 for 256GB, with the 512GB and 1TB models priced at Dh5,949 and Dh6,799, respectively.

Can't wait? UAE prices can give you a good deal

The prices of iPhones vary around the world, depending on duties and other import costs.

The UAE is part of the first wave of 40 countries that will catch its first glimpse of the new iPhone 15 on September 22. And its pricing can be attractive for those who cannot wait, with iPhone prices in the Emirates among the most attractive worldwide, according to research from bne Intellinews.

The prices of the new devices start at Dh3,399 for the base iPhone 15 and go up at Dh6,799 for the 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Compared with Turkey, where iPhones are most expensive, this translates to about Dh6,800 and Dh12,670, according to Apple's local website there.

People from two of the largest expatriate populations in the UAE – India and Philippines – may also want to consider buying in the UAE.

In India, those prices are equivalent to a comparable Dh3,540, but then they go up at about Dh8,850. In the Philippines, they would be about Dh3,700 and Dh7,000, respectively.

In previous iPhone launches, a good number of people who have queued outside UAE Apple Stores come from other countries for these two reasons.

So, we won't be surprised if they will, once again, head over here to become the first and save a good sum.

Updated: September 15, 2023, 5:44 AM