Kuwait's NAS to give passengers access to hundreds more Covid-19 testing labs

Partnership with HealthKey Technologies adds another 1,800 centres across Europe, US, Middle East, North Africa and Asia

A tourist presents her Covid-19 negative certificate before checking in at the departures terminal of Henri Coanda International Airport, in Romania's capital Bucharest, in August 2021. EPA

Kuwait's National Aviation Services has partnered with HealthKey Technologies to provide passengers with digital access to an additional 1,800 Covid-19 testing locations around the world.

Through NAS' digital platform travellers can choose a lab or location nearest to their city of departure to complete their mandatory pre-flight test.

"The key advantage of the PCR certificates issued by these labs is credibility and authenticity with easy access to test results," the companies said.

HealthKey Technologies has provided NAS’s MUNA network with access to its global labs network in Europe, US, the Mena region and Asia.

"The pandemic posed several challenges for travel – both from a perspective of safety as well as passenger confidence. As a major airport services provider, we continued to drive efforts to deliver digital solutions that offer peace of mind to travellers, airline employees, airport authorities and the local governments," said Hassan El Houry, NAS's group chief executive.

"With HealthKey’s CovidPass technology, we offer a wider selection of PCR testing labs for passengers to have easier access in any of the countries they are departing from. This is especially crucial in countries where there is a high incidence of forged results or fake certificates.”

CovidPass offers "simple, incorruptible, traceable and secure, digital as well as interoperable health access to laboratory test results and vaccine credentials that help facilitate global travel", the companies said.

“Through CovidPass’s technology and operational corridors, our mission is to contribute to the end of the health crisis by creating a straightforward solution capable of quickly and easily re-enabling travel between nations while guaranteeing the security of the population and the privacy of consumer information," said Mustapha Mokass, co-founder of HealthKey Technologies.

"This crisis has revealed numerous problems in international co-ordination, but it has also demonstrated the resilience of every country. We should now hold on to science, and the use of technology to develop scale such pragmatic solutions, easing and unifying the travellers experience to go back to a nearly normal life, starting today.”

Updated: December 9th 2021, 5:48 PM