Bold Christo art bid would put region on the map

Letter writers say the idea that Christo wants to undertake a big project in this country is exciting. Other topics include: car plates, the threat to pull Coke and Pepsi from UAE shelves, traffic hazards, investment, Groupon, and Egypt's Grand Mufti on social media.

Readers question the efforts to police the price of sugary drinks when so many other pressing issues could be addressed. The National
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Christo is a really interesting artist. The idea that he wants to undertake a big project in this country is exciting (Christo tours Western Region to talk about his project, The Mastaba, February 20).

I had the opportunity to hear him speak at a New York University Abu Dhabi event a few weeks ago, and was impressed by his willingness to get out and "sell" his projects to the people, which is just what he's now doing in the Western Region.

I hope his message gets through and is accepted, because this project could really put the region on the map in art-world terms.

Saeed Hamman, Abu Dhabi

Car plate sale price astonishes

Your story 'Abu Dhabi' car plate sells for Dh700,000 (February 21) was remarkable.

To think that somebody would pay so much for such a frivolous possession as a car plate saying "ABII DHB"is astonishing. I can't even afford a car.

But who on earth "expected" this thing to fetch even more than it did - Dh1.7 million? And apparently the man who did buy it expects to resell it for more.

What a world!

Arthur Blakely, Abu Dhabi

The kind of 'threat' that's no problem

I was struck by the headline on the report Price row sparks threat to pull Coke, Pepsi from UAE shelves (February 21).

Are you calling this a "threat"? I say remove the stuff from the stores.

Ingeborg de Haan, Abu Dhabi

The real question the ministry should be asking is, how is it that price and product changes seem to happen with both companies at the same time?

Donald Glass, Abu Dhabi

They sell the small cans to restaurants and hotels, where we get charged Dh10 to Dh12 for the privilege of a small can of Pepsi or Coke.

Razena Schroeder, Dubai

Are Coca-Cola and Pepsi essentials, or luxuries? The authorities should let the companies raise the price. Maybe then people would become more fit by eating more fruits and vegetables.

Name withheld by request

Keep sand fighters safe from traffic

I was truly amazed and concerned about your article and photo, A Sweeping Display of True Grit (February 20).

A more appropriate headline might have been: A Sweeping Display of Placing Workers in Harm's Way.

No protection was given to the worker standing on the highway; he had an inadequate tool - a house broom - to sweep tonnes of sand; and there was no advance warning to drivers.

According to normal safety rules the lane should have been coned off with adequate lighting, signs and a guard; more than one man should have been detailed for the task, and adequate tools should have been provided.

In the adjacent column you publish an article on crash victims in low visibility.

The man in the photo could be the next victim.

Maggie Hannan, Abu Dhabi

Markets need more products

I refer to Boutique banks learn to adapt to a much leaner, meaner age (February 20)

The investment basket here is too small for large investors or for a huge number of investors. And with global markets in disarray there is no ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

If the Government wants the market to revive, then one good suggestion would be to get mandated to deal in equities and instruments that are available in the US and European markets or Indian bourses.

Other than that, with the current portfolio, there is very little scope for recovery.

Dr KB Vijayakumar, Dubai

Criticism of deal site is unjustified

I don't think criticism of Groupon is fair (Groupon leaves shoppers without goods for months, February 17). Each time I've purchased from Groupon since the beginning of the year I've had no problem with the delivery or customer service.

The Groupon staff has always been polite and called a few days before delivery to confirm.

Name withheld by request

Mufti's wise advice on dialogue

Your story Grand Mufti speaks out on internet challenge (February 20) was very encouraging. Truly the Grand Mufti is a man of wisdom.

Angelika Lancsak, Austria