The Airship: a new map is coming to 'Among Us'

The online game has been out since 2018 but has found popularity during the pandemic

As one of the most popular games to emerge from the pandemic, Among Us fans are finally getting a new map to play on.

Set to arrive early next year, the Airship map was unveiled after the online game picked up the award for Best Multiplayer at The Game Awards on Thursday, December 10.

In addition to a new layout and new tasks, this map will have ladders and elevators that players will need to use to access different areas of the ship.

The Airship will also offer players multiple spawn points following a meeting, meaning they will no longer be grouped together and avoid being easily killed off by an imposter.

In another update, developers InnerSloth also announced they planned on working on an account system after issues arose with cheating.

“We want our game and communities to be welcoming, respectful places, so this will be a first step in tackling the toxicity and hacking,” they’ve written in a blog post.

They also plan to add more languages so that more players can enjoy the game. These include French, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean and more.

InnerSloth also announced they will remove ads on mobile until 2021 as a “small thank you” for all the support they’ve been given.

Currently there are three maps players can play from.

Even though the game was released in 2018, it gained a huge following during the pandemic that saw most people staying at home for long periods of time.

Each game can host between four to 10 players (the more, the better). Each player is a crewmate on the spaceship, but two are imposters whose main goal is to kill everyone else before being discovered.

The crew can win the game if they finish their tasks or if they figure out who the imposters are and kick them off. The imposters can win if they kill everyone on board or get other players to vote off everyone else.

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