'The Undoing' sees Nicole Kidman unravel: here are five things to look out for in the new trailer

Miss 'Big Little Lies'? You can expect the same 'rich-people-unravelling' plot from HBO's next limited-run series

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Nicole Kidman is the star of HBO's next big limited-run series, The Undoing, which is set to hit the small screen in May.

Kidman aside, the show stars big names such as Hugh Grant, Lily Rabe, Donald Sutherland and Edgar Ramirez. Plus, David E Kelley is the showrunner – as the creator of Big Little Lies, Ally McBeal, Boston Legal and The Practice, he's one of the biggest names in TV.

It will be a concise series, with only six episodes charting the 'undoing' of Grace Sachs (played by Kidman). The show is based on the book You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz. In it, the protagonist Grace is a marriage therapist and self-help author who tells women to be wary of 'toxic partners', and to not miss the signs that their other half may be a bad apple.

Her husband, played by Hugh Grant, is a respected doctor. And her son, Henry, is a model student and incredibly gifted. She has a good life then, right? Well, when tragedy strikes in her community, Grace's life unravels (is she a baddie, or an innocent victim? We can't really tell).

The teaser trailer, which was released this weekend, does a good job of hinting at the plot without giving too much away. So, without revealing spoilers from the book, here are five things to take note of from the teaser trailer...

1. Who dies? We're clearly not supposed to know 

The official tagline to the trailer says that Grace's life is turned upside down overnight "after a violent death and a chain of terrible revelations". While we see police questioning Grace, courtroom drama and people questioning whether Grace is hiding something, we never actually find out what's happened.

Those who have read the book will know, but the show runners have clearly decided that those who want to watch the TV series first will have a better viewing experience if they're in the dark on events pre-watch.

The official plot description says that the disaster that affects Grace is "very public" and "spreading". What is it? Who knows. One thing is certain, we're likely to be surprised a lot while watching the show: "The great thing about the series – and what really drew me to it – is that it’s so twisty and nothing is as it seems," Kidman said at a TCA panel recently.

2. Hugh Grant appears to have gone awol

This is insinuated at around the 33 second mark, when Kidman throws some pillows about in a rage, with the camera flashing to a memory of Grant before Kidman is seen crying on the bed, with her son staring on from the door.

Where is Grant's character? What's happened? Is he the toxic husband that Grace Sachs has been warning other women against?

Nicole Kidman is seen losing it halfway through the trailer, and her character is never actually seen with her husband, played by Hugh Grant. 

Kidman and Grant's characters are only seen together once throughout the whole trailer, and in that scene they appear to be walking out of a courtroom together, with much media attention honed in on them.

3. Ismael Cruz Cordova clearly plays a huge part 

The Puerto Rican actor has appeared in Ray Donovan and Mary Queen of Scots, and while what his character Fernando Alves has to do with Kidman's Grace in the show is unclear, he's clearly a key part of her unraveling.

We see Fernando Alves staring at Grace on the street, and then Hugh Grant's character tells him, "you need to stay away from my wife." Alves stares back at Grant, appearing both frustrated and indignant:

Ismael Cruz Cordova plays Fernando Alves 

Who is he? We're not supposed to know yet, clearly, but he's obviously very important.

4. It's about high society 

As with Big Little Lies, The Undoing is clearly about the misfortune of a member of the top 0.1 per cent of society. And that's not the only thing the new show has in common with Big Little Lies: they're both HBO shows in which Kidman is both the star and the producer.

Kidman's character appears to be moving between a townhouse in New York City, and a bigger house out in the country (to do so you need serious cash).

And, she's also seen playing chess with her dad (played by Donald Sutherland): just one look at his living room and it's clear that he's a very, very rich man.

This kind of real estate in New York? Donald Sutherland's character in the show is clearly very, very rich. 

5. Her curly, red hair is back

It's been a while since we've seen Kidman with curly, red hair: for the past few decades she's almost exclusively sported straight, blonde locks.

So it's lovely to see her return to her roots, aka bouncy red curls...

Nicole in The Undoing:

Nicole Kidman has gone back to her roots, showing off curly red hair in 'The Undoing' 

Nicole in Dead Calm in 1989: 

Nicole Kidman in 1989 film 'Dead Calm'