Emmy ratings rise to hit 7.4 million after 2020's all-time low

It was still the third-lowest in Emmy ratings history

The Emmy Awards ended their run of record-low ratings as 7.4 million viewers tuned in for television's version of the Oscars, figures showed Monday.

Bringing back red-carpet fashion and a star-studded – albeit scaled-down – audience, the ceremony enjoyed a 16 per cent increase from 2020's virtual affair, which drew a worst-ever 6.1 million.

"All in all, a wonderful night for television and great way to kick off the new season," said broadcaster CBS.

But the show was still the third-lowest in Emmy ratings history, as audiences for nearly all award shows continue to dwindle.

The Crown, The Queen's Gambit and Ted Lasso scooped the top prizes, marking the first series wins for Netflix and Apple TV+ on a night that saw when streaming platforms assert their dominance over traditional TV networks.

The sole individual prize for one of the major four US networks on the night went to NBC for perennial Emmy winner Saturday Night Live for Outstanding Variety Kketch Series, while CBS left empty-handed.

"Talk about airing one's own funeral," wrote The Hollywood Reporter's Scott Feinberg, who said television's "'changing of the guard' from the cable era to the streaming era" was complete.

CBS said the final Emmys ratings were likely to rise once final figures are confirmed Tuesday, and that streaming of the ceremony doubled since the last time CBS hosted in 2017.

Sunday's Emmys were up against an important NFL match between the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs.

Updated: September 21st 2021, 7:03 AM