Fancy a glass of pilk? Lindsay Lohan’s Pepsi and milk drink goes viral

If you’re looking for a new festive beverage to sip on this season, why not try mixing cola with milk?

Lindsay Lohan's new soft drink advert has created a novel beverage that's gone viral. Photos: Pepsi / Gemma White
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Have you had your fresh glass of pilk today?

TikTok has, and the results are surprisingly positive. But if you’re not sure what the latest beverage to divide the internet is, then read on.

Pilk is a mix of Pepsi and milk, as showcased in the soft drink company’s new Christmas advert featuring Lindsay Lohan.

In the advert, Lohan turns on the lights in her home and discovers a freshly poured glass of milk and Pepsi, alongside a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

She takes a sip of the mixed drinks and declares: “That is one dirty soda, Santa.”

In a follow up video, Lohan mixes her own two drinks together. “Nice,” she says as she pours the Pepsi. “Naughty,” she says as she pours in the milk. “Pepsi and milk. Pilk!”

‘It tastes like a root beer float’

Naturally, the internet has gone crazy for pilk, with videos popping up all over TikTok as people share their reactions to the drink. User @Fireman1231 declared that it tasted “a little like a root beer float” (root beer with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top). Another user @nasssnour said it was “exactly like Pepsi, but a bit creamier”.

In the advert, Santa pours the milk into the glass first before adding the Pepsi. Those trialling it and posting videos online have tried it with the Pepsi in the glass first, adding handfuls of ice and with different types of milk such as oat and soya.

User @Mythicalkitchen goes one step further, heating up the pilk combo on the hob before turning it into cheese.

Latest viral drink

Pilk is the latest drink to go viral this year. The Pepsi-milk mash-up follows in the footsteps of the Dirty Soda, a mocktail made with diet cola, coconut syrup, lime juice and milk served over ice. Jam and Seltzer was another invention which consisted of raspberry jam mixed into a clear carbonated drink.

Creamy lemonade featured sweetened condensed milk added to lemonade, while the healthy Coke hashtag has racked up more than 102 million views to date as users mixed balsamic vinegar and sparkling water.

Lohan, who lives in Dubai, has been embarking on a career comeback, recently starring in seasonal Netflix film Falling for Christmas alongside Chord Overstreet.

Gemma White makes pilk: 'It's actually not that bad'

As a big fan of milk and cream-based beverages, the idea of trying this viral drink doesn’t horrify me in the same way that healthy Coke did. I’m sorry, but I only do a shot of vinegar to cure hiccups, never for fun!

On the other hand, I’m not a fan of fizzy drinks, especially sugary ones, which make my teeth itch. Lots of TikTokers switched out Pepsi for Pepsi Max, but in journalism as in life, I shall only follow in Lohan’s footsteps.

I have to admit that pouring it is quite pleasurable, and watching the Pepsi turn the milk coffee-coloured makes it visually very appealing.

OK, time to taste it …

It’s actually not that bad. The milk takes the edge of that tooth-shiver that sugary drinks usually give me and tempers rather than hides the cola taste. It also takes a lot of the fizz out making it easier to drink and adding a slightly creamy texture.

Do I hate it? No. Will I make it again? Also no.

Updated: December 05, 2022, 11:28 AM