Dancing in the streets: Abu Dhabi cleaner delights the internet with his moves

With a wheelie bin in one hand and a rubbish-clamping tool in the other, the cleaner was filmed dancing with impeccable rhythm across the road

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A cleaner tending to the streets of Abu Dhabi with a swing in his step is delighting the internet.

With a wheelie bin in one hand and a rubbish-clamping tool in the other, the anonymous cleaner was filmed dancing across the road in Abu Dhabi.

The National has spoken to the man who said "he was surprised but happy" about his video being shared.

As he bops along, his litter tools become dance props.

The video went viral on Instagram and Twitter.

It's unclear where exactly the video was taken, though some people commenting on it said they had seen the man dancing before in the Baniyas suburb.

At the time of writing, the video had been viewed more than 200,000 times on Twitter, and had racked up almost 3,000 retweets. On Instagram, the video had been seen more than 22,000 times.

Emirati Afra Almarar, who posted the video on Twitter, said she spotted it on Instagram user @khaliduk32's account, and reposted it.

Almarar said she reposted the video because she enjoyed the man's happiness and his "peace of mind".

Since the video has gone viral, she said she has been getting messages from across the Arab world, including from as far away as Sudan.