Brian Eno joins global artists for Palestine album 'It's Not Complicated'

The compilation features 19 musicians from around the world, with proceeds going to charities in Palestine

Celebrated English composer and producer Brian Eno is one of 19 musicians from around the world to be featured on an album amplifying the Palestinian cause.

Called It’s Not Complicated, the compilation was put together by online Arabic music magazine Ma3azef.

The album was released last week, and all proceeds from sales will go to Palestinian charities including Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Eno, who is mostly credited with pioneering ambient music, was a member of '70s glam rock group Roxy Music, who were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2019. He’s the brother of composer Roger Eno.

Other artists featured on the album include Egyptian-Iranian singer Yasmine Dubois, popularly known as Lafawndah; American recording artist and producer Nicolas Jaar, who performs as Against All Logic; and Lebanese musician Jessika Khazrik.

It’s Not Complicated was mastered by Heba Kadry, an Egyptian engineer best known for her work with acclaimed artists including Bjork.

“Few ask the right questions about Palestine, yet they are answered time and time again. They are shouted and written and drawn and thrown at the world,” reads a note accompanying the album.

“When your very existence is disputed, negated and denied, you don't learn the answers, you know them. For them, it's never complicated. And to them, we humbly dedicate this work.”

Eno has been vocal about his support for Palestine. In April, he joined Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters, Tom Morello – of Rage Against the Machine fame – and Palestinian pop star Mohammed Assaf for a virtual concert called Live For Gaza, which raised funds for musicians in Palestine.

Last year, Ma3azef released the album Nisf Madeena, in collaboration with Kadry, in the wake of the Beirut explosion that devastated the city. All proceeds went to organisations helping those directly affected by the tragedy.

Updated: July 15th 2021, 10:55 AM