Al Hilal and the fan songs Neymar can expect to hear

Saudi Pro League club replicates on-pitch success with catchy theme tunes in the stands

Neymar left Paris Saint-Germain to join Al Hilal. Reuters
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The recruitment drive by Saudi Pro League club Al Hilal is not only limited to the pitch.

The Riyadh team, which signed Brazilian striker Neymar for a reported €90 million ($98.5 million) this week, is known for using Arabic pop stars and celebrated groups for their official theme songs.

A mix of exuberant Khaleeji and folk-pop tracks can often be heard on the club's social media channels and at their ground the King Fahd International Stadium.

While fans wait for a sparkling new ode to Neymar, here are three official anthems dedicated to the boys in blue.

1. Arhab Ya Hilal

It is the latest song released by the club. Translated to "Welcome O’Hilal" and performed by the renowned Choral Al Sharqiyah, the lyrics basically implore the side to give it their all on the pitch.

"Come on, on our hero, our chief," the song begins. "Come on, our hero of this time ... whoever bets on you will lose."

With Al Hilal meaning "the crescent" in Arabic, the lyrics also search the stars for inspiration as it compares the experience of watching the team play to the "love of the universe".

2. Lenak Hilaly

The musical equivalent of landing Neymar, Al Hilal signed one of the Arab world’s biggest pop stars to sing a theme tune in 2020.

Translated to "Because You Are a Hilali" (a name shared by players and supporters) and sung by Syrian singer Assala Nasri, the song can also function as a buoyant team pep talk to the squad.

"Your place is the summit," Nasri sings emphatically. "Your field is the stadium and on anything else you don't play ... because you are a Hilali and your attention is on the sky above."

3. Fouq Ya Hilal

Popular Saudi singer Ayed also chipped in with this fine effort.

Released in celebration of the team winning the league in 2020, Fouq Ya Hilal (Up O’Hilal) extols the club’s prestige and fighting spirit.

"Play O'Hilal, your fans are behind you. The stadium shook tonight for you," Ayed sings.

"O'Hilal, you won the league with heroism, actions and words."

The song ends with a promise that such fandom will endure: "Your love has been passed down from generation to generation ... and every day that love increases more."

Updated: August 20, 2023, 11:40 AM