Five memorable Meat Loaf films from 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' to 'Fight Club'

The singer has died, aged 74

Meat Loaf played delivery driver Eddie in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show.' Photo:
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From stage to screen, Meat Loaf always left an impression.

As the music world mourns the singer’s death, it’s easy to forget that amid all those hit records and sold-out shows Meat Loaf also built a solid acting career.

A scan of the many credits on his IMDb page shows a dependable actor with an expansive range encompassing drama, comedy, action and, of course, musicals.

Meat Loaf’s name may have rarely graced the top of movie posters, but his acting work testifies to an artistic career richly explored.

Here are five of his best film appearances:

1. 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' (1975)

Meat Loaf’s second film appearance in The Rocky Horror Picture Show complemented his enduring music success.

In the hit film version of the stage musical, he reprised his role as the luckless delivery driver Eddie and sang the barrelling showstopper Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul.

The track remained a mainstay in Meat Loaf’s concerts until his death.

2. 'Black Dog' (1998)

Critics may have panned it, but the action film has gained a cult following with car and truck enthusiasts over the years.

Meat Loaf played the nemesis of Patrick Swayze in a crime tale featuring guns, money and spectacular truck chases and crashes.

The script may be poor, but Meat Loaf was delightfully demented as Red, a local crime lord who wanted to, literally, run Swayze off the road.

3. 'Fight Club' (1999)

Meat Loaf and Edward Norton in 'Fight Club.' Photo: 20th Century Fox

In another screen-stealing performance, Meat Loaf played Robert "Bob" Paulsen, a fallen bodybuilder who befriends Edward Norton’s nameless character at an emotional support group.

Darkly humorous and unexpectedly moving, Meat Loaf's uncharacteristically wounded portrayal became one of the film’s taking points.

4. 'Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny (2006)'

Internet chatter from Meat Loaf fans will often suggest that if a biopic was to be made about their hero, actor Jack Black would be the perfect pick for the role.

Until that happens, we can settle for the comedy musical, Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny, in which Meat Loaf played Black's stern father.

Delicious irony abounds in their scenes. The singer portrayed a dominating dad repulsed by rock music and the sound of the guitar.

5. 'House MD' (2009)

One of Meat Loaf’s best roles was on the small screen.

In a 2009 episode of medical drama House MD, he gave a moving performance as terminal cancer patient Eddie Novack.

Once again, Meat Loaf showed an unexpected and understated acting range that went against his bombastic music image.

Scroll through the gallery below for images of Meat Loaf through the years:

Updated: January 21, 2022, 3:57 PM