'No Time to Die' will be the longest James Bond film ever with a runtime of 163 minutes

The news has divided fans of the franchise, with some wondering if it is necessary

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The total runtime for the new James Bond film No Time to Die has been revealed, and it’s set to be the franchise’s longest instalment yet.

The film, which will be Daniel Craig’s last outing as 007, will run for 163 minutes, and the news has divided fans.

“I don’t know whether to be excited or dreadful about No Time to Die being almost 3 hours long,” wrote one Twitter user.

“It’s horses for courses,” said another. “I don’t mind Tarkovsky being over two and a half hours long, I don’t mind slow cinema. But I want different things from a James Bond film.”

“I’m not against long movies in general, but does a James Bond movie really need to be almost 3 hours?” asked another user. “Films like On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Casino Royale certainly earn their long runtimes, but we’re 20 minutes past even those films here.”

However, some fans, who have been waiting a long time for the latest Bond instalment, owing to several pandemic-related delays, were excited by the news.

“You know what? Make No Time to Die four hours long. I don’t care. It’s Bond. I’ll be there,” wrote another Twitter user.

No Time to Die, which stars Egyptian actor Rami Malek as the villain, is scheduled to be released in cinemas on Thursday, September 30.

Updated: September 11, 2021, 1:53 PM