New emoji high fives, faces and jellyfish teased for iOS and Android users

Emoji 15.0 will be rolled out in September — and a sample of potential additions has been unveiled

Could these be some of the new emojis coming to your smartphone in September? Photo: Emojipedia
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High fives, colourful hearts and a shaking face are some of the contenders for new emojis.

Emojipedia has compiled a list along with sample images containing 31 draft emojis for Emoji 15.0, which will be unveiled in September and is reported to be released later this year.

While there’s always the chance the draft emojis could change between now and then, based on the history of past releases it seems as though most, if not, all, will make it through.

Other contenders include a wireless emoji, a baby blue and light pink heart, as well as new animals and plants.

This includes new mammals, birds and even a jellyfish emoji. There’s also a moose face, goose, donkey, black bird and a wing. Hyacinth, ginger and pea pods could also be on the way.

Fans of Latin music are in for a treat as maracas could appear. There’s also a hair pick and a Khanda — the symbol of the Sikh faith.

In total, there are 31 recommended emojis for Emoji 15, which is significantly less than the 112 recommendations in 2021 and the 334 in 2020.

“This is our eighth year of providing sample emoji designs ahead of their official arrival on emoji keyboards. Actual vendor designs will vary from those released by major vendors, and Emojipedia's own sample images may also be updated when Emoji 15.0 final is released,” says Emojipedia.

“Additionally, as this is only a draft emoji list, each emoji is subject to change prior to final approval in September 2022. However, it is worth noting the majority of draft emoji candidates have ended up included on the final list over the last number of years — including every emoji we previewed from last year's Emoji 14.0 draft list ahead of World Emoji Day 2021.”

Last year's Emoji 14.0 included the addition of a melting face, a hand with the index and middle fingers crossed and hand hearts.

Updated: July 14, 2022, 2:14 PM