What is Antiwordle? The Wordle-style game that doesn't allow you to guess the word

The game turns the rules of Wordle upside down

Antiwordle is among the new variety of linguistic strategy games based on Wordle. Photo: Antiwordle
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Just like there is a new Wordle every day, it feels like there is a new variation of the word game daily. Cue Antiwordle, another take on the linguistic strategy game, which turns the rules on their head.

Spoiler for April 7's Antiwordle ahead.

In Antiwordle, you have to avoid guessing the hidden word, you have as many tries as possible (it's not capped at six tries like Wordle) but there are a couple of catches.

Once you guess a letter that's not in the word, it turns grey. In this game, you then cannot use that letter again.

Letters that are in a word, but are incorrectly placed, turn yellow. They then have to be used in the subsequent guesses.

If you guess a letter in the exact position, it turns red and is locked in place.

How do you win or lose Antiwordle? You keep going, with as many variations of a word as you can get, aiming to place as many yellow letters as possible.

Once you lock in a red guess, you have to keep using that, so it pays to keep using yellow letters in position.

How grey, yellow and red letters play out in Antiwordle. Photo: Antiwordle

Try your hand at Antiwordle here.

Wordle-mania: which countries are best at the game?

A new study by the website Word Tips has revealed which countries have the best Wordle scores.

The most efficient nation at guessing the daily riddle is Sweden, with the average player guessing the right word in 3.72 tries.

It's followed by Switzerland, with an average of 3.78 guesses, and Poland in third place with 3.79.

People in Belgium and Australia take 3.8 tries each, while in Finland it's 3.81 and Denmark, Brazil and South Africa are tied at 3.83.

In 10th place is Israel, where they take 3.84 attempts to get the right word. The UAE comes in joint 11th position with Ireland, where people take an average of 3.87 guesses.

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Updated: April 07, 2022, 8:44 AM