Musical by Shekhar Kapur and A R Rahman to premiere at Expo 2020 Dubai

'Why? The Musical', which will be performed in English in January, will feature more than 100 performers and musicians

Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapur shot to international fame with his 1998 film 'Elizabeth', starring Cate Blanchett. Photo: Expo 2020 Dubai
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A musical production helmed by world-renowned director Shekhar Kapur and with music from Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman will premiere at Expo 2020 Dubai's Al Wasl Plaza in January.

Titled Why? The Musical, the show will follow the story of a curious young girl and a wise old man as they take audiences on a visual journey of discovery. Kapur has described the spectacle as "an anthem to our planet, to our Mother Earth".

“Have you forgotten what it was like when you were a child? When the world was full of wonder? When you reached out to the stars and held them in your heart? When the Earth was your playground, and not something to destroy?” said Kapur of the new work. “We invite you to join us in a journey of rediscovering your childhood and once again ask, ‘Why?’"

The show will include seven original compositions by Rahman, two of which were launched on December 22 during his concert at Expo 2020. Lyrics have been written by Sohaila Kapur, Dana Dajani and Shivang, with Artists in Motion leading the production.

The musical features more than 100 dancers, musicians and performers in a 45-minute production that includes stunning visuals on the world’s largest 360º projection screen.

“I feel blessed and honoured to be creating a musical spectacle in collaboration with Expo 2020 Dubai and A R Rahman. Designed especially for the largest projection dome in the world, Al Wasl Plaza, Why? The Musical celebrates diversity and inclusivity, as it takes audiences on a spectacular journey," Kapur said.

Why? The Musical will be performed in English up to four times a week during its eight-week season, premiering in January 2022. Dates and times to be announced soon

Updated: December 24, 2021, 7:11 AM