Labour will treble solar power and quadruple offshore wind generation

'We’ll invest in nuclear and hydrogen and carbon capture and tidal power,' Ed Miliband says

Conservatives have looked at relaxing some of their green and net-zero targets. Getty Images
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Labour has outlined plans for green energy targets that set up an election battle with the ruling Conservatives over eco-friendly policies.

Shadow energy secretary Ed Miliband said that if Labour won the next general election, it would double onshore wind, treble solar power and quadruple offshore wind generation.

Conservatives have looked at relaxing some of their green and net-zero targets after winning a by-election with a candidate who stood against an extension of efforts to improve London’s air quality with charges for drivers of polluting vehicles.

Speaking at the Labour party conference in Liverpool, Mr Miliband outlined the green vision of party leader Keir Starmer.

“I am proud that Keir’s 2030 mission is for the greatest investment in homegrown energy in British history," he said.

“We’ll double onshore wind. We’ll treble solar. We’ll quadruple offshore wind. We’ll invest in nuclear and hydrogen and carbon capture and tidal power.

“That’s the new Britain we can build together.”

Mr Miliband, a former party leader, urged voters to "chuck them [Conservatives] into the seven dustbins of history".

His joke was aimed at Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s boast that he had scrapped a series of "heavy-handed measures, such as forcing people to recycle in seven different bins".

"I couldn't believe some of the nonsense they were coming out with – delusional stuff about seven bins," Mr Miliband said.

The Labour MP suggested Mr Sunak was leading a "pound shop Republican Party", adding of Britons: "They don't want an energy policy written by [former UK prime minister Liz] Truss and [former US president Donald] Trump.

"Let's send these Tories to where they belong. Let's recycle them from government to opposition …"

"Every time they turn their back on a clean energy future, they leave us exposed to global fossil fuel markets … and they drive up bills and make us more insecure.

“And even as you’re paying record bills, they still refuse a proper windfall tax on the oil and gas companies.”

Labour remains committed to its £28 billion ($34.27 billion) green investment plan despite the figure not appearing in shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves's conference speech, a spokesman has said.

Asked if the absence of the £28 billion figure meant the plan had fallen down the list of Ms Reeves' priorities, a spokesman for the shadow chancellor said: "The programme of investment is still very much part of the package."

A small group of environmental protesters were ejected from the Labour party conference.

Protesters shouting "Revoke Rosebank" and other green slogans were escorted from the conference centre by security.

The group staged their protest in an exhibition overspill area near rooms staging conference fringe events.

Some bystanders applauded the group as they were led away.

Updated: October 09, 2023, 10:56 PM