'Lonely Bounty' to star in its own Christmas advert after removal from Celebrations tub

The chocolate-coconut concoction was evicted from some tubs following a survey

'Mr Bounty' after he leaves the Celebrations tub. PA
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The 'lonely Bounty,' recently removed from festive Celebrations tubs in a trial, is to star in its very own Christmas advert, complete with uplifting music and a traditional heart-warming ending.

With six weeks to go, the launch of Christmas retail tear-jerker ads has begun, with John Lewis among the companies unveiling their festive adverts over the coming days.

Mars Wrigley was first out of the gate on Wednesday, with a parody on the tradition.

The campaign is a sequel to last year's advertisement in which the much-maligned Bounty found love with fellow outsider the Brussels sprout.

It follows a recent announcement that the chocolate is being removed from some Celebrations tubs in a trial after 39 per cent of consumers in a survey said they wanted the coconut-flavoured treats removed.

Customers at selected Tesco Christmas Market sites in the UK will be able to exchange tubs bought in store that day for a new “No Bounty” alternative until December 18.

The limited-edition tubs will include additional sweets to make up for the missing Bounty sweets.

This year's adverts starts with Mr Bounty being confronted by Twitter trolls before he makes the decision to leave the Celebrations house for a life of solitude.

In true Christmas advert fashion, the story takes a heart-warming turn when Mr Bounty is taken in by a kindly woman who reminds him that he is still cared for, before he returns to the Celebrations home with the tagline: “You don't know what you've got till it's gone.”

Behind the scenes pictures from a new Christmas advertising campaign featuring the 'Mr Bounty' character with his Snickers and Malteser 'friends' after he leaves the tub. PA

Mars Wrigley said the advert takes “direct aim at the John Lewis ads — from the unexpected friendship and heartfelt montage to the lilting soundtrack — with a few choice Easter eggs nodding to previous campaigns.”

Spokeswoman Emily Owen said: “Bounty has always been a divisive presence in the Celebrations tub but, no matter on which side of the debate you stand, our film teaches an important lesson — you don't know what you've got until it's gone.”

John Lewis’s Christmas advert will debut on Thursday.

Updated: November 09, 2022, 2:46 PM