Saudi Crown Prince visits Kuwait to conclude Gulf tour

The five-country trip came before the 42nd GCC leaders' meeting in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrived in Kuwait on Friday, the last stop on his visits this week to the neighbouring states that make up the Gulf Co-operation Council.

The tour by Prince Mohammed comes before the 42nd GCC leaders meet in Saudi Arabia on December 14 and aims to strengthen the work of the regional body, Saudi state media reported.

Prince Mohammed was received and greeted by the Kuwaiti Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al Sabah.

It is the fifth stop on Prince Mohammed's tour, after visiting Oman on Monday, the UAE on Tuesday and Qatar and Bahrain on Thursday.

Prince Mohammed has been discussing bilateral ties with each state.

Earlier in Bahrain, Prince Mohammed was met at Sakhir Airbase, near the capital Manama, by Bahrain's King Hamad and Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad.

The delegation then headed to Sakhir Palace for talks, along streets lined with flag-waving schoolchildren.

Updated: December 10th 2021, 8:12 PM