Twitter transfer of power as Trump's @POTUS given to Joe Biden

Social media companies kicked Donald Trump off their platforms after the storming of the Capitol building on January 6

FILE - This combination of photos, clockwise, from upper left: a Google sign, the Twitter app, YouTube TV logo and the Facebook app. Selena Gomez is laying much of the blame for the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol at the feet of Big Tech. The singer told the leaders of Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube that they've allowed "people with hate in their hearts" to thrive and therefore "failed all the American people." It's just the latest in the 28-year-old Gomez's efforts to draw attention to the dangers of internet companies. (AP Photo/File)
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Twitter has made the transfer of power, migrating the @POTUS and @VP handles from Donald Trump and Mike Pence to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The new president tweeted shortly after taking the oath of office, saying he was getting “right to work”.

Ms Harris also kept her first message short and to just three words.

The @FLOTUS account of the first lady also changed over to Jill Biden.

Institutional accounts on social media are held by the person in office.

But, unlike when the accounts transferred from the administration of Barack Obama to that of Mr Trump and retained all the followers, Mr Biden was handed a blank slate.

The official @POTUS account had only one million followers on Wednesday when Mr Biden spoke on the platform outside the Capitol building. Most of those followers were those who joined his transition account this week.

Those who previously followed @POTUS will receive a notification that they can now follow the new account.

The move comes only two weeks after Mr Trump was barred from Twitter, which accused the former president of inciting violence before the January 6 storming of the US Capitol building.

The Biden administration will also be taking over the @WhiteHouse, @PressSec and other handles.

All the posts from the previous administration are archived like those of Mr Trump.

This will also occur on other social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube.

Mr Trump’s @POTUS45 account, which has more than 33 million followers, is being archived and preserved in the National Archives.