Three killed in attack on Yemeni intelligence building

Security officer and suspected al Qa'eda gunmen killed today in Zinjiba.

SANA'A // A Yemeni security officer and two suspected al Qa'eda gunmen were killed today in an attack on the intelligence building in Zinjibar city in the southern province of Abyan. Five other policemen were injured in the raid, which also targeted a nearby police building. According to the ministry of defence website, 20 militants, suspected of belonging to al Qa'eda, attacked the intelligence building with bombs and rocket-propelled grenades at about 8am. The website said they planned to kill top intelligence and security officers. It said seven militants were captured, along with the vehicle that was carrying the assailants. In the vehicle, police found explosive belts, military uniform, masks and bombs of different types.

The shooting between the attackers and security men at the intelligence building continued for about 20 minutes, local sources said, adding that some of the attackers were clad in clothes similar to that of Afghans and they chanted: "God is great" and jihadist slogans. The assault is the second by suspected al Qa'eda militants on security offices in Yemen in less than a month. On June 19 al Qa'eda attackers raided the southern regional headquarters of the intelligence ministry in the port city of Aden, killing 11 people.

Earlier this month, the al Qa'eda branch in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack and said it was revenge for government military operations in the province of Mareb. The organisation alleged in a statement on a militant website that its militants killed "not less than 24 officers and soldiers" in the Aden attack.