Injured Palestinian shot in leg at Gaza protests uses his crutch as a flute

The musician was left with a shattered leg and a broken 'nai' after the incident

Eyad Al Khalout remembers growing up in Gaza fondly. He dreamed of becoming a famous musician and would often play for his friends and family in one of the community's gatherings.

But all this changed when he was shot in the leg during a March of Return protest in Gaza. This left him with not only a fractured leg but also without his flute, or nai.

Eyad was moved to a hospital in Amman for specialist treatment, where he underwent reconstructive surgery on his right leg.

While his leg was healing, Eyad couldn't bear to be without his nai - so he turned one of his crutches into an instrument he could play it like a flute.

The musician is now waiting for his permit to go back to Gaza, from where he hopes to win an music contest one day.

Updated: May 14, 2019 01:12 PM


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