Coronavirus: Muslim schoolboy, 13, becomes UK’s youngest fatality

Luca Di Nicola, 19, who had no underlying health problems, also died in Britain from Covid-19

A 13-year-old Muslim school boy with no underlying health conditions has become Britain’s youngest coronavirus victim.

Ismail Abdulwahab died at Kings College Hospital in London on Monday morning.

A fundraiser page had been set up by Madinah College in South London to raise funeral expenses for Ismail.

“It is with great sadness to announce that the younger brother of one of our teachers at Madinah College has sadly passed away this morning [March 30] due to being infected with Covid 19,” the page read.

“Ismael was only 13 years old, without any pre-existing health conditions, and sadly he died without any family members close by due to the highly infectious nature of Covid-19.”

“We at Madinah College would like to appeal to our brothers and sisters to donate generously to help raise £4,000 for the funeral costs and to support the family, who sadly also lost their father to cancer.

“May Allah grant the family patience through this difficult time and make it a means of drawing closer to Him.”

Earlier, Luca Di Nicola, 19, an assistant chef from central Italy, died in London after testing positive for the coronavirus. He had no underlying health conditions.

Luca was taken to the North Middlesex Hospital in north London, last Tuesday but died 30 minutes later from apparent fulminant pneumonia.

His brother, Davide Di Nicola, paid tribute to him on Instagram.

"We both grew and matured and you, surely more mature than me, had the courage and the desire to bring new goals," Davide said.

"I would have liked to spend so many other days and evenings with you and I swear that I will take you with me every day, on every occasion, every time I take the field.

"I will try to express some of your wishes and fulfil part of your dreams.

It will be like doing it together also because you are here with me and you will always be. I send you a hug up there, to that starred restaurant.

"I love you, my brother."

Luca had been unwell for a week before his death, La Republica newspaper reported.

His GP had given him paracetamol and said he did not have to worry about the virus because he was young and healthy, the it reported.

On Tuesday, another 393 died from for the coronavirus in the UK, bringing the total to 1,808, compared with yesterday’s increase of 180.

There are now 25,150 confirmed cases in Britain.