Melbourne school bus crash: Seven children seriously injured in Australia

One pupil loses arm as others are monitored for spinal damage after collision with lorry

The school bus that crashed near Melbourne on Tuesday with up to 45 pupils on board. AP
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Seven children were seriously injured when a lorry crashed into a school bus near Melbourne in Australia.

The bus carrying up to 45 pupils overturned after it was hit by the lorry from behind on Tuesday afternoon at a junction in Eynesbury, a rural community west of Melbourne, police said on Wednesday.

As many as 21 children aged from five to 11 were taken to hospital. Seven remained in hospital on Wednesday with head and spinal injuries and limb amputations, said Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne chief executive Bernadette McDonald.

One child lost an arm and one was in intensive care, she said.

“The children have suffered multiple and traumatic injuries including partial and complete amputations of arms, multiple crushing injuries, severe lacerations of the head and body, head injuries, glass shard injuries and three patients are … being monitored carefully in terms of spinal injuries,” she said.

She said the hospital was assisting traumatised families.

“We’re working extremely hard to provide that trauma support and care that they will need not just now but in the coming weeks and months as well,” she said.

Six children were initially trapped in the wrecked bus, the Country Fire Authority said.

Emergency crews entered the bus through a skylight. The smashed windscreen was used as the main emergency exit.

Rescue workers help children out of the bus. AP

Paramedics assessed victims on grass surrounding the crash site, AP reported.

The bus driver was taken to a hospital with minor injuries but was not admitted to hospital.

Police crash investigators questioned the lorry driver, who was not injured.

The children were returning to a nearby primary school after competing in an athletics event.

Updated: May 17, 2023, 4:45 AM